Colorado Attorney General Files 2 More Lawsuits Against Foreclosure Firms

Colorado Attorney General adds two more law firms to his naughty list this Christmas. John Suthers has brought two lawsuits against Robert J Hopp & Associates and the Vaden Law Firm in connection with fees incurred and charged during a public trustee foreclosure process. The suit alleges that the firms charged homeowners excessive or fake fees for foreclosure costs. The firms allegedly padded fees and costs by “charging” for title insurance, from a title company owned by that same firm, which did not exist or was charged for at a rate far in excess of market rates. Additionally, the firms charged excessive rates for posting foreclosure notices on homes through process serving companies owned

Bank of America to Pay $1.051 Million for Harrassing Foreclosure Phone Calls

A court recently ruled in favor of a Florida couple who were in foreclosure, and awarded them over $1 Million. Bank of America, the foreclosing bank, robo-called the couple more than 700 times over a period of several years. The judge rules BOA's conduct as a pattern of "outrageous, abusive and harrassing conduct." Nelson and Joyce Coniglio fell behind on their mortgage payments in 2009. When BOA acquired the loan from now-defunct Countrywide, they started harrassing phone calls to the Coniglios, calling up to 5 times per day. The automated calls included many repeated, pre-recorded messages to the Coniglios. The $1.051M award amounts to approximately $1,500 per call. BOA responded to the se

Google likes Boulder, planning largest U.S. expansion to date

Google is eyeing a move to the Pearl Place Development in Boulder- which could give the company 330,000 square feet of space to expand. This would make Boulder Google's largest site in the US. The space would allow for 1,500 employees. The office building, located at 30th and Pearl, would unify Google employees into a singular space, rather than the scattered 3 buildings in central Boulder Google currently uses. Site plans for the office submitted to the city include a public park, a dog park, B-cycle station, an indoor courtyard, and more. Google continues to grow - and wants to continue its growth in Boulder. Google purchased 3 Boulder tech start up companies within the last 8 years, acqui

Anxious Homeowners Waiting for Renewal of Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act was passed in 2007, and allowed homeowners the protection of forgiving mortgage debt. Mortgage debt includes: principal balance forgiveness, waiver of debt in a short sale, waiver of debt in a deed-in-lieu, any deficiency waiver, as well as charged-off second mortgages. Prior to the passage of the MFDRA, homeowners would have to declare any forgiven debt as 'income', and would be taxed on that 'income.' MFDRA provided financial relief to homeowners by allowing them to avoid substantial tax liabilities- often, thousands of dollars. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act expired in 2013, and has yet to be renewed for 2014. If Congress does not renew t


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