OCWEN: Alarmingly at Risk?

Ocwen Financial Corp. (OCN) subservices all the mortgage loans for Home Loan Servicing Solutions (HLSS). Mangrove Partners is an investment manager (hedge funds) and one of the largest shareholders of HLSS. HLSS is an affiliate of Ocwen. Mangrove Partners sent HLSS a letter demanding HLSS terminate its business relationship with Ocwen. Mangrove Partners sites a “dereliction of duty” and said it is “imperative” HLSS terminate its servicing relationship with Ocwen “without delay”. Mangrove’s president, Nathaniel August added in the letter: “We believe that continuing to expose HLSS to Ocwen-related risks by leaving the Ocwen relationship intact constitutes a dereliction of your duty to the co

The Taxman Cometh - Tips to Avoid Audit

February – the month of romance, Valentines and a hint that spring is on the way. It’s also the month you receive all those 1099’s, W-2s and other tax forms in the mail. The taxman cometh so we must prepare. There are several things that will make the taxman take a second look at your return - as in an audit. That dreaded word can send chills up your spine. Even if you’re completely in the right, the audit itself can be costly in time alone. Normally, individual audits occur in approximately one in 100 people, however the more money you make, the odds are you’ll be audited. Why do some people get audited? One thing the can invoke an audit is making over $200,000 or more. If you make over $2

Gantenbein Law Firm Provides Pro-Bono Legal Service to Denver Renters

Attorneys Keith Gantenbein and Matthew Coombs are deeply honored to have this special opportunity to offer their pro-bono (free) services helping the Spanish-speaking residents of Colorado who have limited means and resources. Our firm has a commitment to our community and we strive to offer help and build relationships with our neighbors. As attorneys, we recognize the difficulties accessing and understanding the justice system and are in a unique position to assist and help those in our community address their legal problems in this clinic regarding Tenant & Renter Rights in Colorado. This clinic was sponsored by: Colorado Housing Connects and Focus Point Family Resources. Affordable Housi

More Troubles for OCWEN in 2015

Ocwen Financial Corp. faced major problems throughout 2014. It seems this year will be more of the same. Announced Friday, January 26th, Ocwen will hire outside accountants and pay $2.5 million to the state of California in exchange for the state to halt their bid to suspend the company’s license. California state regulators previously announced Ocwen failed to comply with providing them with loan information as requested. This latest settlement only covers Ocwen’s failure to provide the files – it does not cover any wrongdoing that those files may contain. Until Ocwen complies with requests for information, the mortgage servicing company will be barred from accepting new customers in Calif


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