How To Spot A Fake Tax Call From An 'IRS Agent'

Hundreds of Americans are getting frightening calls from “IRS Agents” making threats including sending the sheriff over to arrest them if they don’t pay back taxes immediately. The first 8 months of this year there has been a 400% surge in these phony calls and text messages. These calls are alarming due to the fact the so-called “IRS Agent” have personal information including their correct social security number, where the person lives, where they used to live, their maiden name, mother’s name and other pertinent facts of the person they’re calling. Many of the scammers begin the calls telling the taxpayer they owe back taxes from 5 to 10 years ago. These scammers sound very official and,

Denver's Hot Summer Real Estate Market- Will It Cool In The Fall?

Colorado’s housing market continues to be ‘hot’. The top ten hottest cities in our nation are: Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Denver, San Antonio, Charlotte, San Diego and Flint. Denver is number 6. In the Denver-area, the average price of a single-family home rose 3%, averaging around $445,000 per home. Condominium prices rose 4.5% to an average of approximately $298,000. Houses and condos are on the market (listed) an average of 24 days before they are sold. The low supply of housing inventory is creating the high demand. People are moving here in record numbers. Overall, the number of sold homes and condos have risen 9% compared to this time last year. Analysts see a


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