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Chelsea Blake is a legal assistant with Gantenbein Law Firm and is fluent in Spanish.


Chelsea Blake is a loan modification and loss mitigation negotiator with Gantenbein Law Firm. 


Chelsea Blake’s experience working at the mortgage servicing company Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) poises her to be a unique asset to homeowners fighting to keep their homes. 


At SLS, she started off in debt collection and worked as an intermediary between underwriting and homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure, taking over 60 loan modification calls a day.  She was then promoted to having her own portfolio of 200 loans.  In that role, she conducted 40-50 calls per day, facilitating the underwriting process for homeowners and submitting recommendations for short sales and loan modifications to the investors, as well as guiding people through the dispute process. 


Chelsea understands how difficult it can be for homeowners to work with their loan servicers for a positive resolution.  She brings industry knowledge as well as a passion for helping people to the Gantenbein Law Firm.


Prior to SLS, Chelsea served as Executive Assistant to the US Department of Energy's Thermochemical Biomass Program Lead at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Chelsea possesses a B.A. in Spanish Literature from Reed College in Portland, OR. 


During college, she became fluent in Spanish after studying at the university in Spain.  At the Gantenbein Law Firm, her language skills are an asset to those in the Hispanic community who are facing foreclosure.


Chelsea is a Colorado native and currently lives in Golden, where she grew up.