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Daniel Blum brings his extensive foreclosure and real estate acumen to Gantenbein Law Firm, with over fifteen years of legal experience specializing in evictions, landlord tenant law, HOA and foreclosure law. 

Prior to joining Gantenbein Law Firm, Mr. Blum's prior legal experience included General Counsel of a property and homeowner association management company, an attorney in a law firm that specialized in landlord and tenant law, an attorney at a large foreclosure firm and an attorney at a mortgage servicing and processing compliance company.

In fact, Mr. Blum and Mr. Gantenbein first became acquainted during their many overlapping court trials, when Mr. Gantenbein also worked for a large foreclosure firm. 

Daniel's vast commercial and residential real estate legal proficiency includes both transactional and litigation experience. 


Mr. Blum's comprehensive expertise in foreclosure law draws from his legal practice working for a large foreclosure law firm in Colorado, where he represented banks, mortgage servicers and government entities in foreclosure and eviction actions. In addition, Mr. Blum also worked for Promontory Financial Group, where he reviewed mortgage loans and foreclosure proceedings by mortgage servicers for compliance with applicable foreclosure laws, regulations and guidelines.


Mr. Blum is also immensely skillful in the area of evictions, landlord tenant law and Homeowner Association Law. Mr. Blum worked for a large firm that specialized in homeowner association matters- including drafting governing HOA documents, HOA collections and HOA foreclosures and evictions- as well as an attorney for a law firm that represented owners of residential and commercial properties. 


In addition, Daniel is accomplished in negotiating, drafting, reviewing and revising contracts; negotiating, drafting, reviewing and revising commercial leases; interpreting, revising and drafting governing documents for homeowner associations (HOAs); resolving homeowner issues; covenant violations; collection of homeowner association assessments; researching legal issues; drafting pre-trial motions; court hearings; negotiating settlements; conducting trials; monetary evictions; nonmonetary evictions; lease violations; security deposit disputes; resolving neighbor disputes; preserving the rights of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings; real and personal property leases; right of way agreements; Federal bankruptcy law; Federal and State housing regulations; Federal and State foreclosure regulations; foreclosure loss mitigation policies; and more.

Daniel is a dedicated and exceedingly accomplished attorney, committed to fighting for the best interests of his clients, even in the most difficult situations. His comprehensive understanding of the law, and decades of experience in highly-specialized areas of real estate law, is a valuable asset to his clients and to the firm.



  • Colorado Bar; 2003


  • United States District Court, District of Colorado; 2011

  • Colorado Bar Association

  • Denver Bar Association

  • General Counsel, Property Technica, Greeley, CO: General Counsel representing property management and homeowner association management companies; complex and simple real estate litigation; evictions for non-payment; eviction for lease violations; residential evictions; commercial evictions; tenant money collection cases; HOA assessment collection cases; HOA foreclosures; bankruptcy issues arising from foreclosure cases; HOA covenant enforcement cases; counseled HOA Board of Directors on community association law; attended board meetings to discuss legal matters; interpreted HOA governing documents including covenants, bylaws, and resolutions; demand letters for collection of assessments; notice of liens; court pleadings; reviewed and updated HOA governing documents to ensure compliance with new laws; revised and drafted  management agreements, leases and lease addenda, applications, demands for possession, notices and HOA resolutions; negotiated and drafted settlement agreements with homeowners or tenants; negotiated and drafted commercial leases; oversaw compliance with subsidized housing regulations and the Fair Housing Act, including reasonable accommodation requests; updated office procedures ro stay in compliance with newly enacted laws, including landlord-tenant laws.

  • Attorney, Janeway Law Firm, Parker, CO: Represented banks, mortgage servicers, and government entities in foreclosure and eviction actions; reviewed foreclosure documents to ensure compliance with the public trustee’s requirements; drafted and reviewed foreclosure pleadings for obtaining Order Authorizing Sale of properties; litigated Rule 120 proceedings; supervised and handled eviction cases through litigation; negotiated settlements to obtain possession of properties. Addressed bankruptcy, Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure Act (“PTFA”), Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”), and subsidized housing issues, which arose, such as revising standard practice with respect to PTFA.

  • Attorney, Promontory Financial Group, LLC., Denver, CO: Reviewed mortgage loans and foreclosure proceedings by mortgage servicers for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines; identified and explained compliance errors; determined if all foreclosure documents contained the content required by appropriate state foreclosure law or federal bankruptcy law and were served in accordance with these laws; verified documentary support for fees and penalties charged to the borrower before and during foreclosure actions and the legality of the charges; ascertained loss mitigation efforts made by the servicer for borrowers in default and servicer’s conduct during the default process.

  • Attorney, Coldiron & Hamrick, LLC, Andrew Hamrick, LLC, Denver, CO: Represented and advised property management companies and owners of residential and commercial properties in landlord/tenant disputes; daily court hearings; eviction cases; negotiating settlement of cases or obtaining possession and/or monetary judgments at trial for nonpayment of rent or other lease violations; foreclosure, bankruptcy, SCRA, and subsidized housing issues; monetary damages cases;  security deposit disputes; bankruptcy cases by preserving the interests of creditors through litigation; Motions for Relief from Stay in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado; negotiated and drafted settlement agreements; drafted court pleadings, opinion letters, release and lease termination agreements, lease addenda, demands, and other legal notices; reviewed and revised leases, lease addenda, applications, rules, and regulations.

  • Attorney, Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc., Denver, CO: Acting Compliance Officer for a government housing authority; revised the legal department’s Davis-Bacon Resource Manual; Wrote the Semi-Annual Enforcement Report for all awarded contracts and purchase orders covered by Davis-Bacon wage requirements and for all enforcement actions; worked with contractors and reviewed their employee payrolls to ensure compliance with Davis-Bacon law for construction projects on the authority’s property; wrote correspondences to contractors regarding underpayment of employees or other compliance errors; for significant violations prepared enforcement reports sent to U.S. Department of Labor or HUD; instructed the procurement department concerning construction projects’ Davis-Bacon requirements; reviewed real and personal property leases; right of way agreements; license agreements; service agreements; reviewed contracts for a telecommunications corporation in preparation for a Securities and Exchange Commission’s contract review and designated the pertinent information from these contracts for the finance department’s Bankruptcy Contract Review Team; reviewed documents for a mutual fund corporation in preparation for securities investigations and litigation; determined the responsiveness of documents and if documents were privileged.



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