Business Disputes and Avoiding Litigation

October 9, 2017


If you have a business, at some time you will most likely have a dispute or struggle with a legal issue.  The dispute may be with a partner, shareholder or even a client. Whatever the dispute, it will take up much of your valuable time and possibly damage your reputation. Your time may be better spent having a qualified and experienced business attorney handle, negotiate and resolve the issue.


If you own a business, you should consider having an experienced business attorney on your team. Your attorney can help plan proactively, before you’re facing a lawsuit or legal dispute. Creating a solid legal foundation is paramount and can help you reduce the risks of litigation later.


No matter if you have a small business or large company, every business should have the benefit of an experienced attorney ready to step in and give guidance. Issues that may arise include a dispute between partners, owners and/or members, breach of contract, joint ventures, business transactions, mergers or acquisitions, breach of fiduciary duties, contract interpretation, employee or vendor issues, non-compete agreements, business sales, franchise agreements or insurance coverage disputes.


Having a properly formed business entity and well-drafted contracts and agreements (i.e. shareholder, operating, purchase) can help your business avoid litigation later. Consulting with an experienced business attorney from the very beginning will help you determine the best type of business entity to form. Your attorney can advise whether to form a limited liability company (LLC), S or C Corporation, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited partnership (LP) or another entity.


Start-up businesses especially are vulnerable to disputes. Your attorney will negotiate and draft key documents that will shape your company today and in the future. Having a business attorney with a tax background is crucial to protecting your interests as well. Tax planning and tax ramifications, individual liability vulnerability, financing and business succession plans are essential services to consider.  Your attorney can draft your Bylaws, file necessary state and federal forms, obtain tax IDs, licenses, review real estate matters such as leases and agreements.

If your business is considering ‘special allocations’ for profits and losses or contribute appreciated property, consult an experienced business/tax attorney to avoid a dispute in the future.


If you’ve drafted your own agreement or contract, have your business law attorney review the documents to make sure there aren’t any ‘gaping holes’ that may come back to haunt you. 


The importance of having experienced legal representation to protect your interests can’t be stressed enough. Establishing a relationship with a business law/tax law attorney is one of the first steps to take in your business to help avoid those disputes later.


Gantenbein Law Firm's Denver business attorneys can help protect your business interests. Well-recognized lawyer Tyler Murray, a Super Lawyers- rated attorney and past president of the Colorado Bar Association, Tax association, fully understands both tax and business law and works expertly to protect the business interests of his clients. For more information, or to schedule a consult of your case, call 303-618-2122 or visit

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