Buying Or Selling A Business

February 9, 2018




Buying or selling a business can be the largest transaction you will ever make, even larger than buying or selling a house. There are countless issues you have to review and analyze when considering buying or selling a business in this highly competitive and lawsuit environment.


Gantenbein Law Firm counsels clients on making these life-important decisions. If you’re buying or selling a business, there are numerous legal hurdles to contend with that will directly determine your success. Our qualified and experienced attorneys can help you obtain a smooth transition and navigate through the complex maze of buying or selling a business.


Our attorneys are experts and will analyze the complicated issues that are associated with the acquisition or selling of a business. For instance, is the real estate on which the business is located owned by the business? What if the real estate is owned by another entity? What are the liabilities? Are you selling or buying just the assets? Are the assets included such as stocks or membership interests?


Other issues can be the involvement of serious tax issues.  Business tax and liability issues are so involved, one must to seek counsel, especially in Colorado where there is the addition of state taxes. With the new tax reform coming into play, our tax and business attorneys can bring you up to date on what these new laws mean and how they can seriously impact or effect a business.


Gantenbein Law Firm's qualified and experienced Denver business attorneys can help structure payments and negotiate pricing. We can help you determine which of the many different ways to buy or sell a business. Some of the options can be very creative using a combination of cash and other considerations. We can also assist in the restructuring of an existing business to include new partners or investors.


When purchasing or selling a business, our attorneys have the expertise to help you choose and secure a solid foundation to help give you the protection you need with your business transaction. We can guide you through the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of the extensive documentation that will be involved.  We will be with you to address any issues that may be raised during the due diligence process through to the closing. 


We understand the cost-benefit ratios involved with legal representation and we take pride in our hard work and experience as well as our practical know-how.  In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to handle the myriad of business legal issues without the help of an attorney. We’re here to make sure you know the benefits and the downfalls of the choices you face, your rights and responsibilities and the legal consequences. We will be with you at every stage of purchasing or selling a business.  


For more information on our business lawyers, located in Denver, Colorado, visit our Business Law webpage, or call 303-618-2122 to schedule a consult.


Gantenbein Law Firm also practices Tax Law, Real Estate Law, Probate, Wills & Trusts, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Foreclosure Defense, HOA defense (homeowner association disputes), and Credit Dispute/Repair. For more information, visit



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