Colorado Springs And Denver #2 And #3 On Best Places To Live List

August 21, 2018



The 2018 rankings are in for the “Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2018”. Colorado Springs Colorado jumped up several numbers to hold the #2 spot in the nation and Denver won the #3 spot!


Denver held the number #2 spot during 2017, and #1 spot during 2016. This year, Denver gave up their #2 spot to Colorado Springs.


This year’s rankings, done by U.S. News, factors in the population growth, job market, crime, cost of living, quality of education, access to health care and much more. The metro area’s population growth plays a major role in the rankings. The growth is reflected over a five-year period as to where people are choosing to move.  In 2016 around 11% of the U.S. population moved according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


The shining star of Colorado is Colorado Springs. In 2017, the “Springs” held the #11 spot for Best Places to Live and made a giant leap over 8 places to secure the #2 spot for 2018. The Springs gained high marks for college preparedness among high school students.  The area has a flourishing job market with multiple military bases, aerospace industries and a high rate of tourism. Their location has a high desirability with great climate and outdoor activities.    


Denver remains a very strong metro area and has a great job market, however the migration of people moving to Denver has slowed considerably. There are 2,752,056 people living in the metro area where the housing prices seem to increase by the minute and the housing inventory is very low. 


Austin, Texas holds the #1 spot for Best Places to Live in the U.S. for the second year in a row. This capital of the state received high marks from the tech industry, strong job market and a high desirability to live. Their arts and music scene was also highlighted. Des Moines, Iowa came in at #4 and Fayetteville, Arkansas grabbed the #5 spot.


Los Angeles California dropped to #101 on the list this year. Other city’s rankings; Miami #110, New York: #96, Chicago #87 spot and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #74. At the bottom of the 125-city list is Stockton California #124 and San Juan Puerto Rico at #125. These areas lost points due to the fact large populations regularly struggle to afford their rent or mortgage payments paying more than 35% of their annual household income. Compare that to Des Moines where 23.5% of their income goes toward housing costs.


Coastal cities are no long the most desirable places to live and the inland west (Denver, Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Salt Lake City) are attractive and have become destinations as well as a place to live. These areas have established industries and tech companies making putting them in position for future growth.  


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