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Do You Need A Real Estate Attorney When Selling Or Buying A House?

When you’re in the market to sell a house, buy a house, or are a first-time home-buyer, you’ll soon realize the process can be and is usually very stressful. There are a multitude of legal issues you’ll encounter along the way. A real estate agent is not an attorney and can not give you any legal advice whatsoever.


All real estate transactions involve considerable document preparation and review. Each page is filled with legalities that only a licensed attorney can answer and handle. A seller has legal obligations to the buyer and a failure to fulfill these obligations may cause years of future litigation to the buyer.


Choosing an accomplished professional can make all the difference in the world and could save you from making costly mistakes. A smart move is to retain a real estate attorney as that professional, one who has the experience and is qualified to help you with your real estate transaction, whether you’re selling or buying a property. 


A real estate attorney is not blinded or swayed by commissions, but usually charges a flat fee and is completely focused on the transaction. An attorney is unbiased and not emotionally involved in the process, with a very sharp eye on issues that could come back and haunt the buyer.


Because homebuyers are usually emotionally invested, decisions and issues may be clouded. Often a homebuyer’s focus is on a great kitchen, the paint color or patio instead of concerns that may not be disclosed. Our real estate attorneys can help ensure items and potential problem areas are disclosed. We can walk you through all the steps during the process of buying and we are your advocate to diligently help prepare you for the legal decisions you’ll be facing and need to make.  


If you are the buyer, you want to be assured the property you are purchasing won’t be filled with problems and headaches. If you are the seller, you want to be protected. You don’t want a buyer to taking advantage of minor inspection matters that could cause a reduction in the sales price.   


Gantenbein Law Firm has proficient and experienced real estate attorneys. We can review and negotiate purchase and sale agreements and build contingencies for future liabilities or risks that may incur.  No matter how large or small or how basic a real estate transaction may be, all can have complicated contractual matters and hidden problems. We are skilled and effectual with an attention to detail, giving our clients the highest quality representation during every aspect of the transaction.   


If you already have a real estate agent, consider retaining a real estate attorney to review your closing documents. Often, the attorney will discover a glaring omission or unwelcome surprises in your closing documents that could cost you large amounts of money later.


Our law firm is dedicated and our goal is to help make your transaction as smooth as possible while protecting you from disputes and complications that can arise or develop. We represent and offer full-service or limited real estate representation to both buyers and sellers of residential or commercial real estate in Colorado.

If you are unsure whether to hire a real estate attorney or real estate agent, consider Keith Gantenbein, who is both a licensed Colorado real estate agent and Colorado real estate attorney. 



Do you hav questions on whether to use a real estate agent or real estate attorney when buying or selling your house? We can help. Call 303-618-2122.

Do you need a real estate attorney when buying or selling a house? It depends. However, using a real estate attorney may save you money, and often has more experience and knowledge. 

Don't know whether to use an agent or an attorney? Keith Gantenbein, of Gantenbein Law Firm, is both a licensed real estate agent and Colorado real estate attorney.

For more information, call 303-618-2122.

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