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Colorado litigation attorneys




Gantenbein Law Firm has extensive legal experience: our attorneys have over 85 years of combined legal experience and are licensed in 8 states. Our strong, diverse firm and exceptional legal advice gives us an unique perspective that is at the heart of our legal victories.

When faced with a legal challenge, you want the comfort, peace and stability of having experienced, dedicated attorneys fight for you. Our attorneys identify clients' needs and goals at the beginning of our client relationship - and consistently work to meet that goal, while keeping the bottom line in mind.

Gantenbein Law Firm has grown to be a leading Colorado firm with a solid reputation of vigorously protecting our clients. 

Gantenbein Law Firm's litigation attorneys have extensive litigation and trial experience in State, Federal and Appellate Courts. 

Some of the Litigation Areas we practice include:

  • Business & Corporate Litigation

    • Breach of Contract Claims​

    • Shareholder Disputes

    • Partnership Disputes

    • Dissolution Issues

    • Investment Claims

    • Ownership Issues and Claims

    • Business Operation Disputes

    • Corporate Plaintiff Litigation

  • Real Estate Litigation

    • Land Use Litigation​

    • Property Encroachment

    • Eminent Domain

    • Breach of Contract Claims

    • Buyer/Seller Litigation

    • Construction Claims and Issues

    • Mortgage & Loan Issues

    • Loan Defaults Litigation

    • HOA Litigation

  • Commercial Litigation

    • Land Use Issues​

    • Zoning Issues

    • Breach of Contract Issues

    • Lease Issues

    • Real Estate and Business Lease Litigation Issues

    • Commercial Contract Disputes

  • Tax Litigation

    • Criminal Tax Litigation

    • State Tax Litigation​

    • Income Tax Litigation

    • Sales Tax Litigation

    • IRS Tax Debt Litigation

    • IRS Tax Settlement

    • IRS Tax Compromises

    • IRS Tax Controversies

  • Probate Litigation

    • Litigation over Contested Wills​

    • Mental Capacity Issues or Claims

    • Trust Litigation 

    • Challenges to the Validity of the Will

    • Contested Guardianship Issues and Claims

    • Trust Modification Issues

    • Termination of Trust Issues and Claims

    • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Issues or Claims

  • Appellate Litigation

  • Civil Litigation

Colorado Litigation Lawyers



We represent corporations, LLCs, Partnerships and small businesses in complex and simple litigation matters.

Our business attorneys provide experienced, dedicated legal counsel in all business matters related to litigation- from settlement to trial.

Whether you have a partnership dispute, shareholder issue, contract breach, matter concerning dissolution, or other business litigation matter, we are here to resolve your legal concerns.

colorado litigation lawyers


We represent individuals, families and businesses in all types of residential and commercial real estate litigation matters. 


Property owners, investors, landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers come to our experienced attorneys for their vast litigation experience in:

Easements; Partition Actions; Issues with Deeds; Quiet Title Actions; Construction Litigation; Contract Litigation; Mortgage or Loan Default Issues; Lender Litigation; HOA Litigation; and more. 

Litigation lawyers Denver


Our team of highly experienced trial lawyers are ready to assist with your real estate or business commercial litigation matter.

If you are facing litigation over a commercial property, we can protect your assets. Our lawyers are experienced in construction claims, contract breaches, land use, zoning, leases and all other types of commercial disputes. Our commercial litigation attorneys can also assist with corporate interference issues, civil fraud, regulatory compliance issues and other business matters.

 Litigation attorneys in Colorado



We represent corporations, businesses and individuals in all forms of tax court controversy cases.


We are known for our successful results in IRS tax litigation. Our tax attorney has gotten some of the best results and tax reductions in all of Colorado. 

Tax litigation can be complex and stressful. Let our highly experienced and knowledgeable tax lawyers reduce both your stress and tax liability.


Denver litigation attorneys



Fighting over loved one's assets is never easy.


Our team of compassionate and experienced probate attorneys are noted for their ability to use a thorough and thoughtful approach to produce favorable results with minimal stress.


We are committed to personal service to guide you through these difficult times while achieving an optimal outcome.

Litigation lawyers Denver



Our skilled trial lawyers stand ready to protect your rights- whether you plan to pursue an appeal, or work to have an appeal denied.

We take the success of your appeal personally, whether difficult, complex or simple. Gantenbein Law Firm will resolutely defend or prosecute your Real Estate, Business or Tax case in the appellate courts.

Denver, Colorado Litigation law firm



We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Civil Litigation matters. Whether your matter is simple or complex, we can help. 


From start to finish, we create potent legal strategies to meet client objectives, needs and goals.


Whether you are looking for settlement or a more aggressive trial approach, we will be there to protect your interests.

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