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The IRS sent me a back tax notice of $122,000 from my fathers Estate Sale. Within six weeks...it (was) resolved with no money due to the IRS.


He is honest, fair and most of all, I saw no dollar signs in his eyes when

dealing with this tax attorney. "


-Gary, tax client, Denver

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  • Our Tax Attorney Has Extensive Tax Experience, Including Working For The IRS.

  • We Are An Award-Winning, Nationally-Recognized Law Firm.

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You can never be too careful when it comes to taxes, IRS audits and disputes. If you’re looking for solutions to your tax problems, overwhelmed by tax debt, facing an IRS audit, IRS investigation or have questions addressing related tax matters and tax issues, our tax law attorneys can provide you with the guidance and the representation you need.

Gantenbein Law Firm offers a unique, tough-minded, practical tax and business solutions. Whether you’re an individual, or a business, you need one of the best tax attorneys in Denver; a tax lawyer with an expert reputation, skill, knowledge and experience. You need a tax lawyer who understands your needs in the full context of your facts and circumstances. You need a Colorado tax law firm who is responsive and will get you results. Our tax attorneys, located in Denver, hold leading positions in the tax law community. You need tax law attorneys who are widely-known to be leaders in the industry. You need a tax attorney that has extensive tax experience and knowledge gained from working for the IRS. We are that team.



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Our tax law attorneys can help solve your tax problems so you can take your life and business back. Our clients get the added peace of mind, knowing when they retain our firm, we talk to the IRS for you – so you don’t have to. We have the experience dealing with the IRS quickly and efficiently to get your life back on track.


When you work with our law firm - located in Denver and serving clients throughout Colorado - you get more than just tax attorney representation, you have our entire team behind you, including our experience in estate planning, probate, asset protection and life care planning. These areas interrelate and overlap - we’re here to ensure you have the help you require and can depend on.


Our firm is well versed with the different alternatives available to you. Your first step is to call and set up an appointment to discuss your issues. We handle Federal and State taxes, tax litigation, IRS audits, general business and corporation law, criminal tax, civil tax, tax negotiations, tax liens and all tax-related issues. One of the top tax attorneys in Colorado, our Denver tax audit lawyer can help.


There are various benefits to hiring our attorneys to represent you. Our tax law attorneys afford you certain rights and privileges that only come with legal representation. You are protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege, any and all communication between you and your attorney is confidential and can not be divulged to anyone, including the IRS.


Make sure you have the experienced, dedicated legal counsel you need in the face of any tax issue. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients are confident and secure in all their tax law matters.

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Other law firms may have flashier marketing or bigger staff - but our tax attorneys have a perfect reputation because our lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable and effective. 


It is important to consult with an experienced tax attorney you can trust. You want the best tax lawyers for your case. 

Our Denver tax lawyers are known as leaders in the tax industry- representing both individual and business clients with their tax needs and controversies, accomplishing the best resolution for the case. Our tax law attorneys are well-versed in an array of complicated tax law issues, and work efficiently and diligently to secure the best possible outcome in a case. They expertly understand both the procedural and substantive tax laws necessary for successful resolution in tax cases.

Our Denver IRS Tax Lawyers Are Knowledgeable.

  • We Are Smart.

  • We Teach Legal Classes.

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The tax lawyers at Gantenbein Law Firm in Denver are experienced lawyers in a wide array of complicated IRS tax matters. This experience is beneficial to our clients who are facing serious tax issues, owe back taxes, need the best tax advice, or simply want to save money via our tax lawyers' expert tax planning for businesses and individuals.


An experienced IRS tax lawyer is the most powerful negotiator who will construct the finest, supporting legal arguments for your tax case.  The best tax law attorney will use the court system, law and tax codes to provide the leverage you need in resolving your tax issue and is the only authority experienced in working cases with the IRS.


Being under the IRS collection process is stressful and can be downright dangerous. If given the wrong advice, you can end up in a very costly situation that can ruin your entire financial future.


We have the answers.


If you think your tax issue could reach higher levels, are under any kind of IRS investigation, or you are in need of protected advice, contact our Denver tax lawyers for your best options.


Come see for yourself: set up a consultation of your case. Bring all your tax questions - bring your hardest tax questions! Gantenbein Law Firm's IRS lawyers are among the very best in Denver and we are confident we can answer your Federal, State or Local tax issues on your case.


If you need a tax attorney in Denver, or throughout Colorado, contact our office at 303-618-2122.




Current Impact on Colorado Businesses by COVID-19, What You Can Do & Why You Need An Attorney

March 24, 2020

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  • Your attorney wants the best for your case, not just what will increase his/her billing in your case;


  • Your attorney understands complicated tax issues. Come prepared with a list of complicated tax questions. If your tax attorney does not know the answer during your consultation, be open to consulting with other tax attorneys;


  • Look for a tax attorney with a variety of publications, CLEs, or seminars under his/her belt. You want an attorney that is well-versed in tax law - not an attorney that is well-versed in marketing. The best attorneys are the ones that teach classes to the other local attorneys, or author publications for public knowledge or attorneys;


  • An ethical and professional attorney will never guarantee a result in your case. You can not predict how judges will rule, or know facts that have not yet been discovered that could affect your case. Be wary of an attorney that boasts he/she will definitely win;


  • Look for tax lawyers that are leaders in the industry, leaders of the Tax Bar or tax trade groups. This indicates an attorney that has been recognized by their peers as being amongst the best. 


Our Denver Tax Attorneys Practice In The Following Areas Of Tax Law:

  • Business & Employer Tax Issues (941)

  • IRS Tax Help

  • IRS Investigations

  • IRS Audit and Audit Representation

  • Criminal Investigation and Prosecution

  • Net Profits Tax Returns

  • Jeopardy Assessments

  • Termination Assessments

  • Offers in Compromise

  • Due Process Hearing for Collections

  • US Tax Court

  • Tax Liens & Levies

  • Garnishments

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

  • Tax Debt Settlement

  • IRS Penalties

  • IRS Letters

  • Appeals

  • Estate Taxes

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Trust Fund Taxes

  • Sales Taxes

  • Real Estate Taxes


Tax Law Reform Tips


President Trump’s tax reform passed and into effect January 1, 2018.


There are some smart things you can and should do now to prepare for the new tax laws.     


One of the itemized deductions that both the House and the Senate bills eliminate is state income tax. Because Colorado has state taxes, you may want to pre-pay your state income tax now. If the bills are passed, you won’t be able to deduct any payments made in 2018, even if they’re for 2017. If you think you owe state taxes for 2017, pre-pay and send that money in before the end of the year.  Be careful though, if you receive a refund in 2018, for your 2017 taxes, that tax refund could be included in your 2018 taxable income.


Another area to consider changing is whether to have your boss pay that year-end bonus in January 2018. The tax rates will be dropping for many when the tax reform is passed. You may want to delay your bonus until 2018 when it could be taxed at a lower rate.   However, your employer may wish to preserve the deduction against their 2017 income, since their rate will likely be higher this year.  


If you own stocks that lost money, you can sell them to deduct up to $3,000 on your federal taxes. There are laws including the ‘wash sale rule’ that may disallow this deduction, check with a qualified and experienced tax attorney first. If you’ve had capital gains on those stocks and you’re in a lower tax bracket, you may want to sell and buy back to ‘reset your basis’ to minimize the amount of tax you might have to pay on future gains.   One big change coming is the elimination of the “first-in first-out” method of selling the same stock with differing bases.  Soon, you will be required to sell the oldest holding of your shares, which often have the lowest basis.  If you have multiple bases in a stock, from dividend re-investments for instance, now is the last opportunity to sell the later-purchased shares.  


For many, the new tax reform laws will almost double the standard deduction next year, eliminating the need to itemize. Maximize your deductions for 2017 now. Make an extra mortgage payment this year. If you were thinking of making a charitable deduction, do it now. If you deduct taxes on large purchases (such as a car), you may want to consider buying that large purchase before the end of the year.  The federal electric vehicle credit is on the chopping block, so if you are going to purchase an electric vehicle, it is best to do so before the end of the year.  


If you’re a senior with a traditional retirement account and must take a required minimum distribution each year, and not in need of that money, send that money directly to a charity, from the retirement account, and claim it as a qualified charitable distribution. Making this charitable contribution won’t increase your adjusted gross income.


There’s still time to consider meeting with an experienced tax attorney who can walk you through the new laws that will most likely be passed to help you increase your savings, be compliant and reduce your taxes. 


If you have questions regarding tax planning for 2018, contact our Denver tax attorneys immediately. Our tax attorneys are knowledgeable about the tax reform and its many changes and are ready to assist you and your business with planning for, and complying with, the new tax changes. 

Tax Resources For Denver, Colorado & Federal IRS Resources

There are many tax resources that can help explain federal (IRS), state ( Colorado ), and city ( Denver and other metro cities) tax regulations, filing dates and addresses. We have provided those resources, below:

  • The Denver IRS tax office is located at 1999 Broadway Denver, CO 80202. Other Colorado IRS tax offices are located in Colorado Springs and Grand Junction. More information regarding these tax offices can be found here.

  • The Colorado State tax office is located in Denver at 1375 Sherman Street, 80203. The state tax office provides tax account registration, tax assistance and general information. Other state tax office locations are in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Grand Junction and Pueblo. Tax Auditing, tax compliance issues, business seizures and tax delinquency issues also occur at these offices. You can find more information regarding these state tax offices here.

  • For tax assessment and tax data for Denver properties, visit the City and County of Denver Property Records here.

  • Business tax information for businesses in Denver city and county can be found on the Denver government website here.

  • Other general and specific information regarding Colorado state taxes, including taxation on marijuana, liquor and tobacco, and state income tax forms can be found on the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

  • For federal IRS tax information, be sure to visit the IRS website. The website includes such information as information about your refund, forms and tax assistance, filing dates and more.

  • The United States tax courts are located in Denver at 1929 Stout Street, 80294. It is a federal trial court that hears matters related to federal IRS tax issues. If you have received a summons for tax court, it is best to contact our Denver, Colorado tax attorneys immediately for assistance. You can more information abut the United States tax courts here.

Gantenbein Law Firm's tax lawyers serve those with federal and state tax and IRS issues in Arvada, Aurora, Bailey, Bow Mar, Boulder, Brighton, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Centennial, Chatfield, Cherry Hills, Columbine, Commerce City, Conifer, Denver, Edgewater, Elizabeth, Englewood, Evergreen, Federal Heights, Foxfield, Franktown, Genesee, Glendale, Golden, Greenwood Village, Henderson, Highlands Ranch, Idledale, Indian Hills, Ken Caryl Kittredge, Lafayette, Lakewood, Larkspur, Littleton, Lochbuie, Lone Tree, Louisville, Monument, Morrison, Northglenn, Parker, Pine, Roxborough, Sedalia, Sheridan, Southglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge and throughout all of Colorado.

Gantenbein Law Firm's tax attorney is conveniently located in Denver and serves all of Colorado. To discuss the best options for your case, contact our Denver IRS Tax Lawyers by calling our offices at 303-618-2122.


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