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IRS Offers in Compromise


You may be eligible to settle your tax debt for less than what you owe the Internal Revenue Service, by way of an Offer of Compromise. Our Denver tax lawyer will best represent your tax interests and determine if you qualify for an offer in compromise with the IRS.


Our Denver tax attorney will determine your eligibility for an offer in compromise, taking into accordance your tax returns, estimated tax payments, and any bankruptcy status.


An offer of compromise must be an appropriate offer, and must be in accordance with your ability to pay. There are several standards by which the IRS uses to determine your true ability to pay. An experienced tax attorney understands the standards and will make an offer in compromise based on this ability, calculating your income, future earning potential, assets and expenses.


Before making an offer of compromise, you may elect to dispute the amount of your tax debt. Gantenbein Law Firm's Denver tax attorney will discuss these options with you as well, during your tax consultation.


To discuss your eligibility for an offer in compromise, or to discuss alternatives for reducing your tax debt, contact our Denver tax attorney immediately: 303-618-2122.



You may be eligible to pay the IRS for less than you: contact our Denver tax attorney for more info.

An Offer in Compromise can provide much-needed tax debt relief. Skilled Denver tax attorneys will work with the IRS to ensure the best plan possible for his clients.

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