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Planning your estate and ensuring the estate of a loved one is properly settled are legal issues that are of the utmost importance to you and your family. Designing a plan to preserve, protect and transfer assets is most effective when implemented before a crisis occurs. However, if a crisis arrives without warning, it may demand immediate response to complex legal, tax, business and health care decisions.


Our law firm is a team dedicated to give you and your loved ones, assets and business the personal attention and experience to resolve any issues that may arise and ensure your needs are met. Considered among the best wills, trusts and estate planning attorneys in Denver, our attorneys will expertly plan for your future and the protection of your estate and assets.


Gantenbein Law Firm's attorneys are different from other attorneys in that we are experienced in not only wills, trusts, probate and estate planning, but also in real estate law, tax law and business law. Our holistic approach to any wills, trusts or estate planning issue ensures you get the best representation.  Our approach to your estate needs can reduce or eliminate any tax liabilites and protect all real estate and business assets. 


Gantenbein Law Firm has the integrity, diligence and expertise to assist you with any matter pertaining to:

  • Estate Planning,

  • Wills and Trusts,

  • Estate Administration,

  • Litigation and Guardianship Proceedings,

  • Conservatorship,

  • Asset Protection,

  • and Wealth Preservation.


We create dependable plans to give our clients the comfort of knowing their loved ones will be prepared to respond in a positive manner when the need arises. We work closely with our clients, realizing each client has unique concerns. We safeguard their goals, objectives and wishes.


Our estate planning additionally includes:

  • codicils,

  • powers of attorney,

  • family limited partnerships,

  • health care proxies

  • and living wills.


Let us help you in the administration of an estate. We are committed to having a clear plan to meet your objectives in all matters including probate, appointment of estate administrator, estate and fiduciary income taxes, collection of estate assets, settling claims and estate accountings.


We understand the illness or death of a loved one often raises strong emotional responses that can lead to disputes. We strive for amicable resolutions to beneficiary, fiduciary, intra-family and administrative conflicts to avoid using the court system.


The laws surrounding estate matters are ever changing, our team stays up to date on new and changing laws affecting estates, estate taxes and evolving estate planning techniques to ensure our clients are provided the most current and legally sound advice possible.  We continually fight to minimize estate and fight tax liability.


At Gantenbein Law Firm, we are your personalized counsel and advocate, always ready and prepared to meet your needs. Call us today for a consultation, 303 618-2211.


Our Denver wills attorney can assist you with estate planning, contested and non-contested wills, creation of trusts, and more.


Call our offices at 303-618-2122.

Our Experienced Denver Wills & Trusts Lawyers Provide The Best Estate Planning Solutions For Our Clients.

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Asset Protection encompasses a very large field of Elder Law and a very important component of Estate Planning.  You don’t have to have millions to consider asset protection planning. 


Our qualified attorneys can create a successful plan bridging that delicate balance to protect the assets you’ve accumulated. We are keenly astute each client has unique circumstances, each have their own goals and each have assets in varying amounts. Our experienced attorneys take an individualistic approach and tailor asset preservation to each client’s particular situation and their objectives.  


We all have assets we want to protect and preserve for our later years or to be handed down to family members.  Many clients don’t realize the scope of their assets until our attorneys begin the estate planning process.


If you have a retirement plan (IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401k etc), you may be more vulnerable in losing that retirement nest egg than you think.  Retirement plans are typically set up to provide a steady stream of additional income during our later years. But what happens if we pass on and there are still funds left in the retirement plan? We have strategies to protect your retirement income and avoid probate.


Life insurance isn’t always an asset we think of since it occurs after a death. After you’re gone, you’ll want the proceeds of your life insurance to be protected so your beneficiaries won’t be subject to creditors.  There are legal ways to circumvent this from happening. Annuities are a similar asset. If you receive annuities during your life and those annuities are passed on to your beneficiaries, we have methods to protect them too.


Your primary property can have legal consequences if they’re not protected properly. If you own property in another state, that property will be subject to ancillary probate. Ancillary probate is the court probate proceedings required when a deceased owns real estate in another state. We have methods and procedures to protect your out-of-state property from going through expensive probate.


Asset protection is also a legal tool to shield your assets from frivolous lawsuits. Once your assets are protected, it can make you unattractive to predators. Studies show small business owners, healthcare professionals, artists, long-term employees, athletes and entertainers are the most targeted people to have frivolous lawsuits filed against them.


Our mission and purpose is providing families with quality estate planning. We can provide you with the special provisions and protections to preserve your assets and allow you to make informed decisions. Our comprehensive approach to the legal means to protect assets will bring you the comfort of knowing your assets are secure.  

If You Need An Estate Planning Attorney That Will Include Asset Protection, Call Us Now.

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Gantenbein Law Firm's Denver Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning attorneys serve clients throughout the Denver metro area and all of Colorado. Contact our Denver Wills attorneys at  303-618-2122.

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