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Denver Estate Tax Attorney

Denver tax attorney is a premier estate tax attorney, located in Denver.

To protect your assets for your heirs and to reduce your estate taxes, contact the premier  attorneys at Gantenbein Law Firm.

No one wants to think about death or disability, but establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Estate planning is one of the most complex, multi-dimensional and sensitive areas of law. We work closely with clients ensuring their assets are protected. Our Denver tax attorney holds a master’s degree in taxation and is highly proficient at decreasing estate tax burdens and avoiding probate.


Whether you have reached retirement age and want to plan an orderly transfer of wealth to the next generation, or you’re beginning your professional career and wish to build and preserve your assets, Gantenbein Law Firm can help you attain those objectives.


A well-administered estate plan should provide for your loved ones in an effective and efficient manner by avoiding: estate taxes, guardianship during your lifetime, probate at death and unnecessary delays. We will identify your goals, plan for contingencies and create a comprehensive estate plan making sure your wishes are carried out. Gantenbein Law Firm will ensure you have peace of mind knowing you have provided for yourself and your family.


Estate Taxes


An estate tax is a tax on your right to transfer property (assets) at your death. The property includes cash, securities, real estate, insurance, trusts, annuities, business interests and other assets. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will want a complete accounting of everything you own or have certain interests in at the time of your death. The IRS recommends hiring a tax attorney to determine the amount of estate taxes you owe. Our Denver tax attorney is highly accomplished and qualified at safeguarding your assets and your legacy.


High Net Worth Estate Tax Planning


Our Denver tax attorney will help you

  • administer,


  • manage and protect your assets,


  • create a comprehensive estate plan that will minimize estate taxes,


  • set aside assets and control who you want as your beneficiaries.


  • determine your eventual estate tax liability, and


  • craft an estate plan to ensure your assets are secured - not lost in probate or be heavily taxed.


Your estate planning may also include

  • the appointment of trustees,


  • management of property,


  • appointment of decision-makers,


  • care of minor children or special needs children,


  • end-of-life treatment,


  • charitable donations,


  • elder care,


  • durable powers of attorney,


  • advanced medical directives,


  • and trusts.


Gantenbein Law Firm will also discuss various taxes that could impact your estate, including income and gift taxes, generation-skipping transfer tax during your estate planning formation or updating your estate tax plan. Our attorneys are experienced in eliminating or minimizing estate and gift taxes, managing and securing your assets and providing for the care of your family with innovative solutions accomplishing all your goals.


Why We are Different


At Gantenbein Law Firm, we fully comprehend the complexities of estate, probate, and complicated tax issues. Our Denver tax attorney are effective and competent in handling both estate planning, tax laws and tax burdens as it relates to estate taxes. Our mission is to minimize your taxes to the absolute lowest liability.


Whether your needs are simple or sophisticated, we will guide you through the process to develop a plan that will meet your objectives and wishes.


Call our Denver tax attorney today to schedule a consultation regarding your estate planning or estate tax issues at 303-618-2122.







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