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Why Should You Hire a Denver Tax Attorney?


Whether your tax problems are personal or for your company, you want them resolved quickly and efficiently. We are the team you need for effective tax resolution.


Our tax attorney is an expert at negotiating tax settlements, securing penalty abatement for back taxes and skilled at IRS Audit Representation. In the long run – our tax attorney can save you money, ensure you’re not overpaying the IRS and resolve complicated and complex tax issues for you. If there are any criminal implications, we will provide that service to protect you in a court of law.


We are here to help with such tax issues as:

• Restructuring your business to minimize your taxes

• Representing you during tax audits and tax defenses

• Arbitrating notice of deficiencies for back taxes

• Filing tax appeals

• Protecting clients facing criminal or civil tax fraud

• Negotiating bank or wage garnishment without creating a financial hardship

• Protecting your assets through skilled tax planning

• Minimizing tax liability from settlements

• Decreasing estate tax liability from probate

• Providing expert legal advice and tax analysis for foreign businesses

• Assisting with back tax settlements

• Offering skilled services with payroll tax problems

• Mediating disagreements with IRS tax decisions

• Settling IRS investigations

• Arranging affordable IRS repayments

• Eliminating, Decreasing and/or restructuring IRS debt


Gantenbein Law Firm is committed to successfully resolving tax issues for our clients:

Gantenbein Law Firm's attorneys have a proven track record successfully helping clients favorably resolve IRS issues and claims. We understand the IRS process and all the various programs the IRS offers, and work tirelessly and efficiently to effectively resolve his clients' tax issues.



Our Denver tax law attorney can help you with your tax issues, including:



Schedule a consultation with a Denver tax attorney:

To schedule a consult and discuss your tax case, call us at 303-618-2122. We are here to help.





Denver tax attorney is skilled at favorable tax resolutions for his clients.

Skilled and effective Denver tax law attorneys will help resolve all your tax law issues, including issues with estate taxes, tax audit defense, tax appeals, business structuring, and more. Contact our Denver tax attorney for help: 303-618-2122.

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