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Denver tax attorney representation for IRS tax fraud and tax evasion is available. Call for immediate help.

Allegations of tax fraud can be serious. Contact Gantenbein Law Firm at 303-618-2122 for help.

Allegations of Tax Evasion or Tax Fraud


Gantenbein Law Firm provides client representation in allegations of civil tax fraud or tax evasion.


Civil tax fraud is a serious allegation. According to the IRS, civil tax fraud "may be developed based on facts and circumstances of a civil examination or result from a criminal investigation initiated case."


Civil tax fraud, according to Tax Code, is when there is... "such evidence (that) must show the taxpayer’s intent to evade the assessment of tax which the taxpayer believed to be owing. Intent is distinguished from inadvertence, reliance on incorrect technical advice, honest difference of opinion, negligence or carelessness. In the case of a joint return, intent must be established for each spouse separately as required by IRC § 6663(c) . The fraud of one spouse cannot be used to impute fraud by the other spouse. Thus, the civil fraud penalty may be asserted on one spouse only."


The IRS may infer fraud based on the taxpayer's conduct, including, but not limited to, the following: engaging in illegal activities, dealing in cash, failure to file returns, concealment of assets, inadequate records, failure to cooperate with the examiner, acts of the taxpayer, and more.


There are defenses available to the taxpayer when the IRS has alleged civil tax fraud, including defenses to the taxpayers conduct, collateral estoppel and statute of limitations. Premier Denver tax attorneys with the Gantenbein Law Firm will discuss these defenses with you during a consultation.


Our Denver tax attorney are not intimidated by the IRS and will vigorously represent our clients in civil tax fraud cases. Going against the IRS when there is an allegation of tax fraud or tax evasion is not something anyone wants to do, or is advised to do, on their own. For immediate help, contact our Denver tax attorneys at 303-618-2122.


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