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Individual Talent.

Collective Strength.

It's pronounced GAN-TEN-BYE-N.

Great, we got that out of the way! Now, let's talk about who we are, why we are here and, most importantly - and probably why you are here - what we can do for you


The Gantenbein Law Firm team is a skilled, highly experienced and energetic team resolving both complex and simple legal issues throughout Colorado.

We are passionate at protecting the interests of our clients, their businesses and their families. We are a respected and expert team of Colorado attorneys who are resolute in addressing our clients’ concerns in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


We have won lots of awards, write lots of stuff, talk a lot of places and are probably most known for speaking out against unfair legal processes and appearing overnight on the front page of national newspapers...but you can check out all that stuff on our bio pages. 

We are here because, frankly, we care. 

Gantenbein Law Firm opened its doors during the Great Recession, helping homeowners navigate troubled waters. We have since expanded our law firm to help clients with a wide variety of legal issues using our ground-breaking approaches to get measurable results. We always understood how to persevere during the hardest times, using innovative and well-established strengths and strategies. Gantenbein Law Firm continues to use their unique insight and approach for their clients. We provide security in our ability to always adapt and overcome the most trying of times. Read our testimonials to see the peace and stability we bring our clients. 

We provide clients with a full range of services involving every level of complexity. We administer individualized attention and customized solutions and we are here to advise, plan and help you realize your personal and financial goals. We will work with you personally and ensure your wishes are followed through and ensure your assets are protected. We are here to build relationships with our clients.

Gantenbein Law Firm offers comprehensive services in Real Estate Law and Real Estate Litigation, Business Law and Litigation, Tax & IRS Law and Litigation, Probate and Probate Litigation, Civil Litigation, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Foreclosure and Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Servicing and Default Issues, HOA Defense Issues, Elder Law and Credit Dispute.





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