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Tax Wage and Bank Garnishments

If you owe the Federal or State government money, and have received a written notice of the amount owed and a date of compliance, and have not complied with such notice, be prepared for a wage or bank garnishment by the government.


Like a creditor, the IRS may seize your assets, including money in your bank and your wages. However, the IRS has much greater and far-reaching powers than a creditor: the IRS has very few limitations as to what it is allowed to seize; the IRS may seize your property, real and personal, in addition to your wages or bank account. Further, IRS tax code limits only what the IRS may seize- ie, the IRS can caption as much of your money as possible, leaving you only with what the government considers basic living expenses.


In order to avoid harsh garnishments, it is recommended that you contact a tax attorney immediately. Gantenbein Law Firm is experienced in helping Colorado taxpayers.


Located in Denver and serving all of Colorado, our tax attorney can help you with your local, state or IRS tax debt. There are options to avoid to a bank or wage garnishment, or asset seizure, by the IRS.


Contacting our Denver tax attorney can help: we can work with the IRS on your behalf to set up an IRS payment plan, offer in compromise, or dispute or appeal your tax debt. These are just some of your options. Contacting our Denver tax attorney could save you lots of money- call now for immediate help.

Denver tax attorney may be able to release your IRS bank or wage garnishment.

You need your wages to provide for yourself and your family. Our Denver tax law attorneys  can help release IRS wage and bank garnishments quickly.


Call our offices at 303-618-2122 for a consultation of your case.

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