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IRS Tax Repayment Plans

The IRS can collect on debt owed to them in the same manner any collector can- except the IRS has greater collection powers. The IRS may elect to place a lien on your home or seize your personal and real property, including homes, boats, car, Social Security, pensions and more. The IRS may also elect to garnish your wages or bank account.


Seizure of your property, wages, or assets can create severe financial hardships on a taxpayer. That is why it is important to contact our Denver tax attorney immediately; our Denver tax attorney will make sure you are not caught in a situation where the IRS attempts to collect their debt by such aggressive means.


One of the alternatives to a lien, levy or garnishment is a repayment plan.

Tyler Murray, Denver tax attorney, provides IRS tax repayment plan relief.

You are in good hands with our Denver tax attorneys. Call 303-618-2122 for immediate tax debt relief.

If you, as an individual, owe $50,000 or less in taxes, combined with penalities and interest, you may eligible for a tax repayment plan.


The IRS generally does not pursue collection actions during a request for repayment, an appeal of a payment plan rejection by the IRS, or during a payment plan. Interest and penalties continue to accrue until the balance is paid.


If you are ineligible for a tax repayment plan, you may be eligible for a tax installment plan. Contact our Denver tax attorney for more details on a tax installment plan.


You may also be elibile to satisfy your tax debt for less than you owe- this is an offer in compromise. Contact our Denver tax attorney for more information on your eligibility for an offer in compromise.


Our tax attorneys, located in Denver and serving all of Colorado, also provides legal services in tax audits, tax appeals, tax debt relief, tax resolution, tax litigation, allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion, and tax planning.



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