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IRS Tax Resolution


If you are faced with IRS tax debt, owe back taxes, and need tax help, Gantenbein Law Firm's tax attorneys can provide immediate tax resolution and tax relief.


If you have received notice from the government that you owe taxes, or have received a Notice of Intent to Levy or Notice of Federal Lien, it is best to contact a professional tax attorney. The right tax attorney will ensure the client receives the best resolution for his or her case.

Gantnebein Law Firm's Denver tax attorney provides immediate IRS tax resolution.

Our Colorado tax attorney's priority is solving your tax problems. Gantenbein Law Firm's successful tax resolution for our clients include offers in compromise, tax appeals, filing back taxes, removing tax liens or tax levies, installment agreements, IRS tax repayment plans, ending wage or bank garnishments, expert attorney representation in tax litigation, allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion, and more.


While everyone must pay taxes, every client has different tax needs. Contact our skilled tax resolution attorneys for immediate tax relief.


Be confident that you are hiring the BEST tax attorney for you case: call our offices at 303-618-2122.

 Gantenbein Law Firm's tax law attorneys are premier tax attorneys. For the best possible resolution to your IRS tax debt case, contact our Denver offices at 303-618-2122.

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