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IRS Tax Debt Relief

If you owe the IRS money, then you should be exploring your tax debt relief options. Gantenbein Law Firm's experienced tax attorneys are skilled at providing clients debt relief for their IRS issues.



Struggling taxpayers have options for their tax debt relief, and a tax debt relief law firm will explore those options with the client. Some options include: repayment plans, offers in compromise, installment plans, tax audit defense, release of levies or tax liens, or a reduction in the amount of tax debt owed.



If you ignore the IRS, or are unable to pay your back taxes, the IRS may collect on their debt. The IRS may seize your property or personal assets, put a lien on your home, or garnish your wages or bank account.



A taxpayer is likely unprepared when the IRS seizes their property, assets or wages, and often feels they are left with very little options. It is important to contact a tax attorney immediately. Gantenbein Law Firm's IRS tax debt relief attorney is a premier tax lawyer- serving all of Colorado- and will provide immediate tax relief for your tax issues.



Our effective tax attorneys also handle IRS tax audits, tax appeals, tax planning and tax litigation.

Our Denver tax attorney provides immediate tax debt help and relief. Call now.

Having tax debt is stressful. Gantenbein Law Firm's Denver tax law attorneys will help resolve all your tax debt and provide immediate relief. Call 303-618-2122.

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