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Innocent Spouse Relief


Are you the innocent party of an IRS Audit?  If you have been audited or have received a notice of a tax deficiency from the IRS, you may be able to claim “Innocent Spouse Relief”.


Couples usually file a joint tax return to obtain maximum tax benefits. Filing jointly means both parties assume joint responsibility. If the IRS finds an error – both parties are targeted. If there was a divorce decree claiming one party is responsible for the taxes, or one party was the sole wage earner, the IRS will still hold both parties responsible. It’s a scary thought one party may have filed an erroneous tax return and you’re held accountable.


You may have limited circumstances in the form of Innocent Spouse Relief to clear your name. As a spouse, you may have been unaware of the tax obligation and may have cause not to be held accountable for the tax deficiency, fees and penalties.


Gantenbein Law Firm's Denver tax attorneys can review your case and offer assistance in the form of Innocent Spouse Relief.


According to the IRS, to qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, there are specific conditions you must meet, such as; 1) You filed a joint return that has an understatement of tax (deficiency) that is solely attributable to your spouse’s erroneous item. An “erroneous item” includes income received by your spouse but was omitted from the joint return. Deductions, credits, and property basis are also erroneous items if incorrectly reported on the joint return, 2) You establish at the time you signed the joint return, you did not know, or had no reason to know, there was an understatement of tax, and 3) Taking into account all facts and circumstances, it would be unfair to hold you liable for the understatement of tax.


Our skilled Denver tax attorney  will review your case during your consultation and make determinations whether you can qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief. We will ensure you file all proper and correct documentation with the IRS now - and, in the future, safeguard your Innocent Spouse qualifications.


Call us today to set up a consultation with our Denver tax attorney by calling our offices at 303 618-2122.


Gantenbein Law Firm also provides incomparable representation in; tax audits, tax debt relief, tax repayment plans, filing yearly taxes, tax planning, negotiation and more.


We also provides excellent representation in tax audits, tax debt relief, tax repayment plans, filing yearly taxes, tax planning and more.



Denver tax attorney can help provide innocent spouse relief for your IRS tax deficiency

You may qualify to eliminate your tax deficiency by way of innocent spouse relief. To schedule a consultation, call our Denver tax attorneys at 303-618-2122.

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