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Tax Exempt Organizations

Gantenbein Law Firm's attorneys will make sure your business is successfully structured to meet all tax-exempt state and federal regulations. 

Applying for tax exempt status with the federal government is a strictly-regulated process. If the federal givernment grants tax exempt status, then your business will not be subject to state, income, sales and property taxes. It is important to note that organizging your business as a non-profit at the state level does not automatically grant federal tax exempt status. Hence, it is important to hire a skilled tax attorney to ensure that your business is meeting proper federal regulations to secure your tax exempt status at the federal level.


Some of the tax exempt organizations we represent include the following:

  • charitable organizations

  • non-profits

  • social welfare organizations

  • social clubs

  • fraternal socities

  • political organizations

  • tax exempt corporations

  • employee funded pension trusts

  • agricultural organizations

  • religious organizations

  • endowments

  • private foundations

  • state tax exemption status

  • federal tax exemption status

  • and more.


Gantenbein Law Firm's tax and business attorneys will ensure your business is structured properly to be a tax exempt organization. Our attorneys will vigorously pursue the best possible formation for your businesses for minimum tax imlications and maximum liability protection. We will also defend your tax empt status in a state or federal audit. 


For more information on qualifying your business as a tax exempt organization, contact our tax and business attorneys at 303-618-2122. We serve clients in the Denver metro area, and throughout Colorado.



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