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Income & Employment Tax

Premier Denver tax attorney is greatly skilled in areas of income and employment tax and can help with your issues. Call now.

Employment taxes can be complicated. To ensure compliance with the IRS or state, or to get immediate help with a tax audit or back taxes, contact our Denver tax attorney at 303-618-2122.

Taxpayers are under a legal obligation to pay the state and federal government a percentage of their income, called income taxes. If you underpay your taxes, you may be subject to a state or IRS tax audit. If you fail to pay taxes, the IRS may collect on that money by way of wage or bank garnishments, lien or levy.


Many taxpayers fail to pay the correct amount of taxes owed, simply because taxes are complicated and often mistakes are made. However, the IRS may assess excessive fees, by way of penalties and interest, to the amount of unpaid taxes.


The best way to avoid costly mistakes is to contact a Denver tax attorney immediately to represent you, and file your income taxes for you- utilizing expert tax knowledge to take advantage of all tax credits and deductions available to you. Our skilled Denver tax attorney will ensure the lowest tax liability possible for your case.


If you have a received a Notice of Tax Audit due to underpaid taxes, it is best to contact a professional tax attorney immediately. Our Denver tax attorney may elect to appeal and fight the IRS assessment, or represent you in tax court.


If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy, Notice of Lien, or have received a garnishment by the IRS, act immediately. These methods of debt collection by the IRS can create extreme financial hardship. We may be able to release the lien, levy or garnishments and set up an affordable payment plan for you with the IRS.

Our tax lawyers are available for a consultation regarding your income and employment tax issues. 

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