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Colorado foreclosure help, foreclosure help Colorado, foreclosure defense attorney Denver

Keith Gantenbein, of Gantenbein Law Firm, is a premier foreclosure defense attorney in Denver. He offers foreclosure help in Colorado to Colorado homeowners. To schedule a consultation, call 303-618-2122.

Foreclosure help in Colorado


If you are in distress with the threat of foreclosure or facing possible foreclosure in Colorado, there are several options you have for foreclosure help in Colorado, including:



Be extremely careful hiring a loan modification company. These people are most likely scammers who prey on distressed homeowners, taking their money and providing NO results or foreclosure help in Colorado. They also identify themselves as: Loan Modification Consultants, Forensic Loan Auditors, Mortgage Loan Auditors, Foreclosure Consultants, Foreclosure Prevention Specialists, Mortgage Consultants or Short Sale Negotiators.  These scammers normally ask for an upfront fee or will automatically debit your account each month – both are illegal according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Mortgage Assistance Relief Service (MARS) Rule. Only a licensed attorney is allowed to charge fees in advance.


We, at Gantenbein Law Firm, receive calls almost daily from homeowners who have been scammed and have exhausted their savings paying money to these so-called modification “companies”. Gantenbein Law Firm’s foreclosure defense practice INCLUDES working towards a loan modification while we simultaneously work on your foreclosure case.


Keith Gantenbein, owner of Gantenbein Law Firm, is well-known as a premier and ethical foreclosure defense attorney. Keith drafted two legislative bills with Representative Beth McCann and Senator Ulibarri. On May 9th 2014, Governor Hickenlooper recognized and signed both bills – a first of its kind in Colorado to help homeowners. Both bills provide foreclosure help in Colorado for Colorado homeowners. The bills are:

  • HB14-1130: Foreclosure Cure Remit Unpaid Fees to Borrower (currently effective), and

  • HB14-1295: Single Point Contact/Dual Tracking (effective January 1, 2015).


The foreclosure process in Colorado is very unique and complex. If you decide to hire a foreclosure defense attorney in Colorado – research your attorney thoroughly. Many attorneys practice law in other areas, but ‘dip their toes’ into foreclosure defense – a mistake that can be costly to the homeowner. Others may push bankruptcy as a way to ‘fix’ the foreclosure. Bankruptcy is a very limited option and should be reserved as a last-ditch scenario for many homeowners. While an valid option for limited homeowners, bankruptcy generally is a very short-term stalling tactic.


Denver foreclosure defense attorney Keith Gantenbein explains and defines all options available to homeowners. He works with the homeowner’s finances for a permanent and sustainable solution to end foreclosure. His goal is to help save the homeowner’s home, or, if the homeowner doesn’t wish to retain the home, he will offer options that can include payment to the homeowner from the lender.


To schedule a consultation and receive foreclosure help in Colorado, contact Denver foreclosure defense attorney Keith Gantenbein at 303-618-2122. From our office in Denver, we serve all of Colorado.






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