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PHONE: 303-618-2122

FAX: 303-200-8558


Heather Gantenbein is the head of administrative and website development for Gantenbein Law Firm.

Gantenbein possess her Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Barry University in Orlando, Florida. Gantenbein also spent time studying international law in Innsbruck, Austria at the Universtat Innsbruck, focusing on international contracts and the law of stolen art and antiquities.


Gantenbein possesses her Bacholarte of Arts (B.A) in Political Science from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Prior to working at Gantenbein Law Firm, Heather worked at Hindman Sanchez Law Firm in Arvada, Colorado.


Heather also worked for many years as a lobbyist assistant for a well-known lobbyist and business consult in the Greater Orlando area, Bertica Cabrera-Morris at BCM- a consulting firm specializing in strategic marketing, public relations, media relations, government liaison, lobbying and contract negotiations. 


Heather was in charge of the organization of the lobbying firm, scheduling and managing of daily affairs and financials of the business, putting together lobbying proposals, working on large lobbying and consulting projects for businesses in both the private and public sectors. Heather and Bertica became good friends during this time and Bertica was a strong mentor to Heather. It was this position that taught Heather the role that strong women play in building a successful foundation for a long-lasting and healthy business. 

Prior to moving to Colorado, Heather grew up in the small surf town of Cocoa Beach, Florida. She enjoys tennis, yoga and spending time with her husband and their two children. 

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