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PHONE: 303-618-2122

FAX: 303-200-8558

Jan Murray


A life-long Floridian, Jan hails from the Kennedy Space Center area. She has an extensive background in the Defense Industry working for NASA, Lockheed Space Operations and Patrick Air Force Base for over 20 years.  She began her career as a Proposal Coordinator, planning and scheduling teams of 75-100 people using resource management and interpersonal skills, disseminating documents, creating presentations, analyzing requirements for compliance, providing administrative support and supervising production of billion dollar proposals.


Jan continued her career at “Advanced Programs”, Lockheed Space Operations that was equally exciting.  She worked alongside some of the world’s top scientists, engineers and astronauts on futuristic development projects, Stealth Technologies, Advanced Development Projects, Integrated Air and Missile Defense and Multi-Domain Operations. Her skills as a computer graphics artist and technical writer came into play as she brought the scientists’, engineers’ and astronauts’ creative ideas to life.


She voluntarily left the Defense Industry to take care of her two pre-teen children. She and her husband (an engineer with United Technologies) were having conflicting schedules ‘picking up the kids’.  Laughing, she said once her children had their driver’s licenses, her days of driving them everywhere abruptly ended. 


Instead of returning to the often intense and long-hours at Kennedy Space Center, she changed career direction to something fun - her love of painting (oil and watercolor) and technical writing. She opened an art gallery that became the largest in Central Florida showing over 100 artists’ works and winning numerous awards including the coveted Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year. Through her gallery, she also flew back and forth to Los Angeles, working behind the stage at the Oscars, Emmy’s and SAG awards for Entertainment Tonight (ET) television show.


She and her husband moved to a small ranch on the Front Range in Colorado to be near their now-grown children and their families who reside nearby.  She enjoys writing, painting, sewing, playing the guitar and being outside viewing the incredible wildlife and scenery of the Rockies.


Jan became the first employee of Gantenbein Law Firm and enjoys the interaction with clients and potential clients.  “This law firm is a very solid team of extremely smart and experienced attorneys and staff. Working here is very reminiscent of my days working with the best of the best at Kennedy Space Center. "

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