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Protecting Your Business:

Intellectual Property

Gantenbein Law Firm represents businesses and individuals that vary from a one-man operation, a small startup to large established companies in a wide array of markets.  Our experienced business attorneys, have a very keen insight into the legal, personal and financial aspects of business operations and strategies to help protect your company and help your company grow. Our attorneys offer the personal service, the accessibility and the timely turnarounds you and your business require.


One often-confusing business asset is the area of law pertaining to intellectual property.  Intellectual property covers a broad range of intangible ideas and creations from a person or ‘human intellect’. There are legal measures that can protect the rights of the business or person who have created or developed ideas, artistic expressions, inventions, technologies, and trade secrets. It’s crucial to your company’s success to protect these very important and critical assets.   


Generally, there are three areas of law that can protect intellectual property: trademark, copyright and patent. 


A trademark is a brand - a sign or expression that identifies a product, service or a company. A trademark is typically represented by a logo, name or slogan and usually has the emblem ™, next to the representation. Once the trademark is established, the product, service or company will have been registered (®) and cannot be used without the permission of the owner of the trademark.


A copyright is another intellectual property protected by law. Copyrights give the creator, or holder of the copyright exclusive rights of the property. Literary works, writings, music, artistic works, movies, songs, computer software and architecture are just a few items that can be protected by a copyright. The emblem © generally accompanies the work.  Copyrights last for the life of the author plus another 70 years.


The patent is another use of establishing exclusive rights to an inventor or assignee by the federal government that allows the inventor to stop others from selling, making or using the invention for a limited period of time. There are three different kinds of patents: Utility Patents, Design Patents and Plant Patents. Utility, the most common pertains to new machines, chemicals and processes. The Design Patent is granted to protect a unique appearance or design of a manufactured object. The Plant Patent protects new plant varieties including hybrids, grafting, cuttings or rootings.


One other area intellectual property is Trade Secrets. A trade secret is a formula, process, design, practice, instrument, pattern, commercial method or information not widely known by others that gives a business an economic advantage over competitors or customers. A trade secret is protected without registration, it must have a commercial value and should be protected by confidentiality agreements.


Our business law attorneys can help you navigate the areas of intellectual property, counseling you through the most effective way to protect valuable assets of your business. We offer solutions and services that cater to the unique challenges of businesses.


Intellectual property lawyers at Gantenbein Law Firm can assist with trade secrets, copyrights, patents and more. 303-618-2122.

Gantenbein Law Firm's intellectual property lawyers can expertly assist in any intellectual property issues that may arise in your business, including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patents & more.


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