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Mergers And Acquisitions

Everyday, small, large and family-owned businesses throughout Colorado are faced with an action involving a merger or acquisition. If you have a business and are considering a merger, strategic sale, acquisition or if you’re a family-owned business looking to expand or need an exit plan, our experienced business attorneys at Gantenbein Law Firm, in Denver, Colorado, can help guide you through these often complex processes to maximize a successful outcome.


A merger is the process of two separate entities combining their forces to establish one new joint organization (one does not acquire the other). A merger is seen as two equals making the decision to become one. An acquisition is the process of acquiring, gaining or taking over an entity (business). In an acquisition, the company that’s acquired will no longer exist. Typically an acquisition is a larger company or entity buying out a smaller company. An acquisition can be hostile or friendly.


Generally speaking, when a merger or acquisition occurs, it’s done to improve the overall performance. It’s essential that mergers or acquisitions have the maximum legal structures in place for a successful conclusion. A well-designed merger, acquisition or sale can create growth and success for both companies.  Our business attorneys are knowledgeable negotiating, overcoming obstacles and offering the best options to bring you that success.


Today, there are over 22 million family-owned businesses in the United States. Most were started on a shoestring budget and a dream. Along with the day-to-day challenges of running the company, there can be intricate family relationships that need to be considered and provided for.  We understand these complex issues and can assist in transferring your business to another generation of your choosing.  We offer the expertise in structuring benefits and incentives for you, your family and employees for optimum growth and security. 


We are skilled in the development and negotiation process of mergers and acquisitions. It’s imperative to have full and proper disclosure of all information necessary to satisfy contractual commitments and avoid any future liability. Our business attorneys pride themselves with effective and efficient representation to our clients to implement the best solutions and remain in compliance for a prosperous business succession. 


Our accomplished business attorneys also hold Master’s Degrees in taxation (LLM) and can guide you and your business through the maze of federal and state tax laws to provide unequaled asset protection.


Whether you’re selling or acquiring a business or a wildly successful startup business thinking about a merger or acquisition, we are that legal team who can move your business to the next level.



Gantenbein Law Firm's experienced business and tax lawyers are here to assist in your business merger or acquisition. Call 303-618-2122 to schedule your consult.

If you are considering merging your business with another business, or taking over and acquiring a business, contact Denver's experienced business lawyers to expertly assist in all the business and tax matters.

Call 303-618-2122 to schedule your consult.

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