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Denver - Based Foreclosure Defense Attorney Keith Gantenbein Invited to Speak at National Conference

Keith Gantenbein invited to speak at ABI conference

Keith Gantenbein, a foreclosure defense attorney based in Denver, and serving all of Colorado, has been invited, for the second year in a row, to speak at a National Conference regarding Mortgage Issues.

Mr. Gantenbein will speak at the American Bankruptcy Institute's 20th Annual Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference. He will speak about Mortgages and recent Mortgage Law updates. This will include CRCP Rule 120 (Colorado's Rule 120 Hearing) and the House Bills Mr. Gantenbein help draft that were recently passed into law: HB 14-1130 and HB 14-1295.

This is a highly-regarded national conference, with many of the most esteemed foreclosure and bankruptcy attorneys and judges in the nation asked to participate; we are so honored to be invited back!

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