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Colorado Attorney General Files 2 More Lawsuits Against Foreclosure Firms

jColorado Attorney General sues foreclosure law firms

Colorado Attorney General adds two more law firms to his naughty list this Christmas. John Suthers has brought two lawsuits against Robert J Hopp & Associates and the Vaden Law Firm in connection with fees incurred and charged during a public trustee foreclosure process. The suit alleges that the firms charged homeowners excessive or fake fees for foreclosure costs.

The firms allegedly padded fees and costs by “charging” for title insurance, from a title company owned by that same firm, which did not exist or was charged for at a rate far in excess of market rates. Additionally, the firms charged excessive rates for posting foreclosure notices on homes through process serving companies owned by those firms.

It appears that this unethical practice is systematic throughout the foreclosure industry. Suthers has brought suit against eight different firms alleging this type of conduct. The total amount of settlements exceeds 12 million dollars.

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