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Time to Hire a Tax Attorney

There are many reasons to hire a Denver tax attorney, but none hit the mark more than ‘resolution’ and ‘confidentiality’.

Resolution: A tax attorney is the only source that has the experience in achieving tax settlements and tax negotiations. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) does not have a full understanding of tax laws and tax codes that can change several times a year. A tax attorney also has clear and full comprehension of the many programs available to help the taxpayer settle or reduce their tax liability. Only a tax attorney will know the qualifications of each of these programs and which are the best suited for the taxpayer’s specific needs and which would have a negative impact in the future.

An experienced tax attorney is the most powerful negotiator who will construct the finest, supporting legal arguments for your tax case. The tax attorney will use the court system, law and tax codes to provide the leverage you need in resolving your tax issue and is the only authority experienced in working cases with the IRS.

Being under the IRS collection process is stressful and can be downright dangerous. If given the wrong advice, you can end up in a very costly situation that can ruin your entire financial future.

Confidentiality: Unlike a CPA, a tax law attorney maintains the attorney-client privilege and cannot be forced to provide information to third parties, or testify against the client. Your tax attorney is exempt from saying anything about your case, whereas the CPA has to testify - even giving damaging information against you. If the IRS is taking action against you, think of the risks involved and work with a tax attorney only.

If you think your tax issue could reach higher levels, are under any kind of IRS investigation, or you are in need of protected advice, contact a tax lawyer.

Other reasons: If you’re starting a business, you need legal counsel concerning the structure and tax treatment of your company, a tax attorney can resolve these issues. If you need help with contracts, other legal matters, need advice on complicated legal matters especially in the areas of trusts, wills, estate planning, tax disputes and business tax law - you should contact a tax attorney.

Gantenbein Law Firm's tax lawyers are known to be among the best in the industry. If you have tax issues and need a top tax lawyer, contact our firm at 303-618-2122. For more information on our other areas of practce, including real estate law, business law, Wills, Trusts & Probate, HOA defense and Credit Dispute, visit our website at

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