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Protecting Your Business Assets

If you are a business owner, or thinking of starting a business, one the most important services Gantenbein Law Firm offers is to help you protect your assets.

It would only take one disastrous situation such as a judgment for an uninsurable event to destroy a business you worked so hard to build, or destroy your dreams of owning a successful business.  There are ways to lower your risks from unforeseen mishaps and hazards.

Our experienced business law attorneys can effectively guide you to help ensure you and your business assets are protected.  We will judiciously and realistically assess the built-in risks of your business, business operations and activities and do everything possible to protect and prevent damage from those risks in a cost-effective manner.

One of the numerous business formalities we effectively handle is constructing a solid insurance plan and basic estate planning documents to help protect your business and your personal assets. Our attorneys will explain and guide you through your numerous options. An example is establishing a Family Limited Partnership to help preserve your wealth and assets against inheritance, gift and estate taxes.  

Contracts and agreements are one of the most important areas of legal help you will need drafted for your protection. Whatever your business, you will need various contracts and agreements to safeguard assets. Most business disputes begin with a lack of communication or understanding. Our attorneys are experts at drafting (and reviewing) precise contracts, agreements and other documents reducing your chances of litigation later.  

Our business law attorneys use their extensive legal knowledge to help set your business on a path with optimum protection from unnecessary taxation.  When starting a business you can be overwhelmed by the complex web of federal, state and local taxes and can be taxed at multiple levels. One mistake and you could be facing interests, penalties, audits, fines and/or litigation.

Your business formation and structure can be very complicated and ‘one size does not fit all’.  For instance: there are countless differences for a business that sells a service than for one that sells a product. The depth of our extensive experience enables us to provide sophisticated legal services designed exclusively for your business.

Our law firm works hard and we are here for you, which is why we only represent a select number of clients at a time. We combine our experience with specialized strategic defense and representation for our clients.  


We take your business very seriously and will work together to help you feel secure and help protect your interests - and your assets. 


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The proper business structure can help protect your business assets from any issues or liabilities.

Call Gantenbein Law Firm's business lawyers at 303-618-2122 to schedule a consult.

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