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Risk Management For Your Business

There are many misconceptions concerning risk management. In the finance world of business, risk management is the process of identifying potential risks to the profitability and permanence of the company before they happen.


Although it’s not always possible to foresee an unplanned or accidental loss to your company, there are processes and methods to make these losses more predictable. Your company can plan ahead, estimate possible expenses, transfer, avoid or reduce the risk and budget for them.


Gantenbein Law Firm’s business attorneys have the experience and hold Master’s degrees in Taxation (LLM) to assist in analyzing and assessing financial threats to your business in order to minimize potential losses.  


Our law firm has strategies and options to evaluate and help prepare for these situations using more of a pro-active approach rather than a reactive one.


Anytime a business makes an investment, the business is exposing itself to a myriad of financial liabilities and other risks. Our business attorneys will help your company achieve its objectives including legal advising and negotiating documents pertaining to a wide variety of transactions such as financing, refinancing, consolidation, acquisitions, mergers, sales and purchases.  


We have the unique ability to evaluate complex issues, defend claims, resolve conflicts-of-interest and anticipate other risks before they occur. We maintain and promote the highest standards of regulatory compliance that are effective in protecting your business from outside risks.


Our attorneys can assist your business by limiting exposure to risks and ensuring compliance. If your business has already faced specific losses whether by design or omission, we can develop strategies to help shield you and your business from further liability and help protect your assets.


Many businesses began as a sole proprietorship. Lawsuits against a sole proprietorship are really lawsuits against the owner’s personal assets. Call us today for an appointment to discuss the various methods in properly creating and preserving your assets through the selection of a legal entity.



Gantenbein Law Firm's business attorneys in Denver can answer your risk management questions. Call 303-618-2122 to schedule a consult.

Risk management can be a complicated and complex issue for your business.


Our business lawyers can assist with issues of risk management for your business, including compliance issues and limiting your risks.


Call 303-618-2122 to

o schedule your consult.

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