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Foreclosure Defense Practice Areas


Our Colorado foreclosure attorneys practices a variety of foreclosure defense law.

You have options. Our foreclosure defense attorneys are leaders in the industry and can help you in all areas of your foreclosure.


Our Colorado foreclosure defense attorneys have happy clients

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There are many reasons you should hire our Colorado foreclosure defense attorney

Hiring us can save you money and help your case. Find out why we are the right lawyer for you.


Contact Denver foreclosure defense attorney Keith Gantenbein for a consult of your foreclosure case.

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Gantenbein Law Firm's managing attorney, Keith Gantenbein, has massive experience in the foreclosure industry- working first as a bank attorney before starting his own foreclousre defense law firm. He has been involved in approximately 75,000 foreclosure cases in the state of Colorado - arguably making him the most experienced foreclosure defense attorney in the state, if not the nation. His invaluable knowledge and expertise in the foreclosure industry helps his clients maximize their options in keeping their home. Mr. Gantenbein is very involved in the foreclosure community, teaching both state and nationwide CLEs to other attorneys about the foreclosure process. Mr. Gantenbein tirelessly worked for several years, pro bono, in drafting legislation that would help borrowers in Colorado. In 2014, two Legislative Bills Mr. Gantenbein helped draft- along with Representative Beth McCann and Senator Jesse Ullibari- were signed by Govenor Hickenlooper and passed into law.


Colorado foreclosure defense attorney Keith Gantenbein and his associates continue to work tirelessly for their clients. The exhaustive areas of foreclosure defense they practice include:



  • Colorado Rule 120 Foreclosure Hearings


  • Loan Modifications


  • Colorado Public Trustee Foreclosure


  • Judicial Foreclosures in Colorado


  • Post-Foreclosure Deficiency


  • HOA Foreclosures


  • Bank Litigation


  • Bank Settlements


  • Post-Foreclosure Evictions


  • Receiverships


  • Short Sales


  • Deed-in-Lieus


  • Cash for Keys Settlements




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Denver-based Colorado foreclosure defense attorney Keith Gantenbein helps homeowners across the state with all their foreclosure issues. Call 303-618-2122

For foreclosure help in Colorado, CONTACT our Colorado foreclosure defense attorney to request a consultation of your case. The information you submit is confidential. We will get back to you immediately.

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