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Why Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?


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Should I Hire a Colorado Foreclosure Defense Attorney?


You may ask yourself - Should I hire a Colorado foreclosure defense attorney? What can be done against these big-name banks and lenders with their high-paid attorneys? What are my options if I’m in foreclosure? Can I save my home?


Foreclosure defense attorney Keith A. Gantenbein, Jr., is a name many people recognize. Two years ago, Keith was on the front page of the Denver Post after he testified before a committee on Capitol Hill. He attested to the dirty tricks Colorado foreclosure mills, banks and lenders were waging against the homeowners and called for a change.


Keith is an aggressive fighter against names like CHFA, Bank of America, Ocwen, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Chase and US Bank – and he continually fights and wins his battles against these goliaths and their foreclosure attorneys.


After testifying numerous times, Keith helped draft two important legislative bills: HB14-1130 and HB14-1295 sponsored by Representative Beth McCann and Senator Jessie Ulibarri. This year, on May 9th, Governor Hickenlooper signed those bills into law protecting Colorado homeowners from lenders’ excessive and unaccountable fees, refunding overpayments promptly, prohibiting dual-tracking and enforcing a single-point of contact for the homeowner. The governor congratulated Keith, as he signed the bills into law.


Is it no wonder, fellow attorneys, realtors, peers, homeowners and past clients call Keith the “go-to” guy if you have any questions or are facing foreclosure?  Ask people in the know - the Colorado Housing and Financing Authority, court clerks, people on Capitol Hill, they’ll be the first to tell you ‘go-to’ Keith, if anyone can help you, he can.




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