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Fearing The IRS? You Need A Tax Attorney

If you’re one of the millions who live in fear of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), our experienced tax attorneys have exceptional qualifications to resolve your tax issues. Whether you owe back taxes, have unfiled tax returns, unreported income or have disputes, we offer incomparable tax defense and resolution, representing both individuals and businesses.


Our highly skilled tax attorneys have master’s degrees in taxation along with an extensive and proficient background in tax law. If you’ve been contacted by the IRS and facing a tax audit, tax appeal, penalties, fees, levies, wage garnishment or litigation, contact our firm for a free confidential consultation regarding your tax issue.


Presently, there are more than 25 million taxpayers facing some type of tax dispute. We all know the federal tax laws are extremely complex. There are over 75,000 pages of Federal Tax Code. That’s over 10 million words! No wonder, even the IRS is confused over much of their own tax laws and regulations.


We also help resolve Innocent Spousal Relief arguments, Trust Fund recovery penalties, tax liens and tax refund claims working with cases of all sizes. Our expertise in negotiation has helped both individuals and businesses through IRS Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements and other strategies. The IRS doesn’t have an amnesty program but they do have existing laws, policies and regulations that can allow for partial or full forgiveness for a tax debt that we can assist with.


If you don’t file taxes, you are likely to be found out eventually and can have criminal charges filed against you. Unfiled taxes can be a serious matter that our attorneys can help with, negotiate and arrange a resolution and settlement for your case.


The IRS can and will place liens against a taxpayer’s business, home or other property when taxes go unpaid. Placing the lien is the government’s protection they will be paid. The IRS can seize and sell the property enabling the IRS to be paid for the back taxes first - even before the lender receives money for the mortgage payoff, or the property owner receives proceeds - if any. The IRS lien will prevent the taxpayer from refinancing or selling their home or property. Some property owners had no idea there was a lien against their property until they placed the property up for sale, or tried to refinance.


Our tax lawyers, located in Denver, Colorado, can efficiently work to have federal liens released or discharged. The IRS may also agree to subordinate the IRS lien allowing a property owner to refinance. We will gather and review all applicable material and present a request and case to the IRS on your behalf.


The IRS is an all-powerful force in America, but they do make computer and processing errors. If you feel the IRS should reconsider an assessment they made against you, we can review your taxes. We’ll prepare your case and file an appeal for you.   


We will help eliminate that real fear of the IRS and help you achieve a tax resolution that allows you to move forward and breathe a little easier.



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For assistance with your IRS and tax issues, contact Gantenbein's top tax and IRS attorneys at 303-618-2122.


Gantenbein Law Firm is located in Denver.

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