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Google likes Boulder, planning largest U.S. expansion to date

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Google is eyeing a move to the Pearl Place Development in Boulder- which could give the company 330,000 square feet of space to expand. This would make Boulder Google's largest site in the US. The space would allow for 1,500 employees. The office building, located at 30th and Pearl, would unify Google employees into a singular space, rather than the scattered 3 buildings in central Boulder Google currently uses. Site plans for the office submitted to the city include a public park, a dog park, B-cycle station, an indoor courtyard, and more.

Google continues to grow - and wants to continue its growth in Boulder. Google purchased 3 Boulder tech start up companies within the last 8 years, acquiring the offices of each. Now, it looks to relocate to a much-larger space at Pearl Place and focus on Google Drive, Google Now, Geo and Payments.

Critics argue that Google is driving small businesses away and will drive housing costs even higher in Boulder. Proponents say the growth is good for Boulder, will bring in much-needed jobs, and keep Boulder a cutting-edge city for tech markets.

For more, you can read the entire story here.

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