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Gantenbein Law Firm Provides Pro-Bono Legal Service to Denver Renters

Attorneys Keith Gantenbein and Matthew Coombs are deeply honored to have this special opportunity to offer their pro-bono (free) services helping the Spanish-speaking residents of Colorado who have limited means and resources. Our firm has a commitment to our community and we strive to offer help and build relationships with our neighbors.

As attorneys, we recognize the difficulties accessing and understanding the justice system and are in a unique position to assist and help those in our community address their legal problems in this clinic regarding Tenant & Renter Rights in Colorado. This clinic was sponsored by: Colorado Housing Connects and Focus Point Family Resources.

Affordable Housing remains an urgent need in Colorado - a need that continues to grow in our current housing market. Colorado rents are expected to continue skyrocketing due to the high rental demand.

We have seen a meteoric rise in unlawful evictions in lower-income housing. Landlords have been improperly evicting tenants in order to make room for new, higher-paying tenants at the same property. These evictions are a disturbing trend.

We believe in growth, development and urban renewal - but not by sacrificing current renters or homeowners. Growth should always include affordable housing options - and not through unlawful, illegal evictions.

We, at Gantenbein Law Firm, are committed to helping Denver-area communities with affordable housing, landlord/tenant, foreclosure, and other real estate needs.

Gantenbein Law Firm can provide Spanish-fluent legal services. Contact us at 303-618-2122 or visit our website.

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