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Tax Deficiencies


A tax deficiency is defined by the Tax Code as an amount of the income, gift or estate tax owed is more than the amount showed by the taxpayer on his or her tax return. That is, the taxpayer owes the IRS money. a taxpayer may owe more money because they failed to report their income correctly, or because the IRS reversed the taxpayer's exemptions, deductions or credits. If you have a tax deficiency, the IRS will mail you a Statutory Notice of Deficiency. If you disagree with the IRS that you owe money, you should contact our Denver tax attorney immediately.


You have a right to challenge the deficiency with a petition to the court within 90 days, although in some case you may only have 30 days to respond. You should contact a tax attorney immediately, so that you have expert legal representation to file your petition within the time frames allotted by the tax court. This time frame can not be extended.


If you owe money to the IRS, the IRS may assess penalties and interest.





Our Denver tax attorney will request a transcript of your tax accounting from the IRS and will assess whether the Notice of Deficiency is accurate, and respond to your IRS Notice of Deficiency.


Gantenbein Law Firm's Denver tax attorney serves all of Colorado, and provides effective representation in both state and federal tax deficiencies. Our tax law practice also includes tax audits, tax appeals, tax litigation, tax repayment plans and installment agreements, allegations of tax evasion and tax fraud, and tax planning.


You should hire the BEST Denver tax attorney for your case. 


Contact our Denver tax attorney if you received an IRS Notice of Deficiency

Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray, LL.M., provides skilled representation for your tax deficiency issues.

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